TA Sekar steps down as Director of Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils on Thursday advised that Director and key member of the think-tank Mr. TA Sekar has decided to step down from his role in the franchise.

Delhi Daredevils Chief Executive Mr. Hemant Dua confirmed that the former India fast bowler will no longer be part of the franchise for personal reasons. Mr. Sekar has been associated with Delhi Daredevils since its inception.

“We respect Sekar’s decision. We are naturally very disappointed to not have Sekar in our midst going forward, but as a franchise we clearly understand his position. Sekar was an invaluable asset to the franchise and his departure leaves a vacuum that will be difficult to fill.” said Mr. Dua.

On his part Mr. Sekar said he was extremely humbled by the support accorded by the GMR Group. “It has been a very difficult decision for me to make, but it was for purely personal reasons. I’m grateful for the support and understanding from the franchise. It has been an absolute privilege being part of the franchise since its inception in 2008.”